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MLK Day: Illegal Immigration Crushes Opportunities for Black American Men,

MLK Day: Illegal Immigration Crushes Opportunities for Black American Men,

Black Americans are severely disadvantaged because of Biden's open borders.

Democrats are Illegal alien supremacists and their hatred for Black men and women is apparent. Young Black people are searching for work, but increasingly, they are finding it to be all but impossible.

Five million illegal aliens have come into the United States over a period of fewer than two years thanks to Biden’s open borders.

This creates major problems for young, unskilled Blacks. The competition is intense and illegals have the advantage because Democrats throw money at them that allows them to work for less money.

This is not a case of unintended circumstances. We have witnessed this over the past three or four decades. The Republicans know this and the Democrats know this.

The difference between the parties is that Democrats tip the scales in favor of the illegals, while Republicans favor Black Americans over the invaders. the United States Commission on Civil Rights finds that the results of massive illegal entry into this country, America’s working class, specifically black men — have had their employment opportunities and wages crushed by waves of low-skilled illegal immigration.

In 2008, the commission found:

“In the midst of public debate over immigration reform, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights voted to examine the possible effects of illegal immigration on particularly vulnerable segments of the U.S. working population, specifically low-skill black workers.”

Black American men, with education rates lower than the average American, “are disproportionately employed in the low-skilled labor market, where they are more likely to be in labor competition with immigrants,” the Commission report states:

Illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men. Expert economic opinions concerning the negative effects range from modest to significant. Those panelists that found modest effects overall nonetheless found significant effects in industry sectors such as meatpacking and construction. [Emphasis added]

From Breitbart News

The Commission described the impact of illegal immigration on working-class Americans as a “piece of the puzzle that must be considered by policymakers in formulating sound immigration policy,” though recent proposals by Republicans and Democrats have focused almost exclusively on benefitting foreign nationals not yet in the U.S. rather than Americans harmed by decades-long mass immigration.

As a recommendation, the Commission suggested that the Bureau of Labor Statistics collect monthly figures on the number of illegal alien workers in the U.S. and compile data on how their employment is impacting jobs and wages for low-skilled Americans.

To date, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has refused to collect and compile such data.

Peter Kirsanow, the longest-serving member of the Commission, writes in the report that “there is ample evidence to suggest that at a minimum, [illegal immigration] has had an aggravating effect on both the displacement of low-skilled American workers and the racial divide in employment.”

“This is because illegal immigration tends to increase the supply of low-skilled, low-wage labor already available in the U.S. labor market,” Kirsanow writes.

Kirsanow, mirroring the Commission’s findings, proposes that immigration legislation in Congress should start studying how mass immigration worsens “both the displacement of low-skilled American workers and the racial divide in employment.”



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